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知识梳理【重点短语】1.make sure 确信;确认2.beat against... 拍打……3. fall asleep 进人梦乡;睡着4. die down 逐渐变弱;逐渐消失5. wake up 醒来6. in a mess 一团糟7. break...apart 使……分散8. in times of difficulty 在难题的时候9. at the time of 当.......时候10. go off (闹钟)发出响声11. take a hot shower 洗热水澡12. miss the bus 错过公交车13. pick up 接电话14. bring... together 使……靠拢15. in the area 在这个地域16. miss the event 错过这个事件17. by the side of the road 在路边18. the Animal Helpline 动物掩护热线19. walk by 走路经由20. make one’s way to.... 在某人去……的路上21. hear the news 听到这个消息22.important events in history 历史上的重大事件23.for example 例如 killed 被杀害25. over 50 50多(岁)26. a school pupil 一个小学生27. on the radio 通过广播 silence 缄默沉静;无声29.more recently 最近地;新近30.the World Trade Center 世贸中心31.take down 拆除;摧毁32.have meaning to 对……有意义33.remember doing sth. 记得做过某事 first 首先;最初【重点句型】1. — What were you doing at eight last night? 昨晚8点你在干什么?— I was taking a shower. 我在洗淋浴。2. When it began to rain, Ben was helping his mom make dinner. 当开始下雨的时候,本正在帮他妈妈做晚饭。

3. — What was Jenny doing while Linda was sleeping? 琳达在睡觉的时候,珍妮正在干什么?— While Linda was sleeping, Jenny was helping Mary with her homework. 琳达在睡觉的时候,珍妮正在帮玛丽做作业。【话题写作】Susanna所在的都会昨天晚上发生了一园地震。

很幸运,地震并不强烈,他们全家安稳无恙。如果你是Susanna请形貌一下地震发生时家里人的运动情景,80词左右。【优秀满分范文】My name is Susanna. In our city, there was an earthquake at 8:32 yesterday evening.At that time, I was taking a shower in the bathroom. My motherwas cleaning up the kitchen and my father was watching TV in the livingroom. My elder sister Alice was working on her computer in her room. We were very scared.Luckily, the earthquake was not heavy and it didn’t last long. And we were all safe.词汇解说1. miss:miss作动词,意为“想念,忖量”。例如:I’ll miss you when you go toCanada.你到了加拿大以后,我一定会想你。

【拓展】(1) miss作动词另有“未击中,未抓住”的意思。例如:I tried to hit the ball but I missed.我努力地想击中球,但却未乐成。(2) miss还可意为“未遇上,错过”,是动词。

例如:I missed the football match on TV last night. 我错过了昨天晚上电视中的足球赛。(3) miss与like; mind; finish; enjoy; practice; be busy; stop; can’t help; give up等词一样后接动词的-ing形式。例如:I don’t want to miss seeing that film on television tonight. 我不想错过今晚在电视上看那部影片的时机。2. suddenlysuddenly作副词,意为“突然,突然”,在句中多修饰动词或句子,做状语。


例如:I suddenly remembered that I didn’t bring my key. 我突然想起来我没有带钥匙。It all happened so suddenly.一切都发生得那么突然。

3. either(1) either作副词,意为“也不”,用在否认句中。例如:He can’t p。